The 2018 Quaker peace-building in art calendar is a stunningly beautiful collaboration from Friends World Committee for Consultation and the Quaker Arts Network.

QCA are very pleased that among the various kinds of peace-keeping celebrated, animals have not been forgotten. October features the collage Ocean (with caption below) by our Committee Member, Ann Johnson; a work which originally graced our Spring 2016 Newsletter.

The calendar is available direct from FWCC and from the Quaker Bookshop at Friends House, Euston.

In our oceans, military sonar is linked with mass whale strandings and deaths. Dolphins and sea lions are used by the military to detect mines. Intensive ‘super trawlers’ vacuum the sea beds, hoovering up entire schools of fish and wiping out marine life, and coral reefs are bleaching and being ‘cooked alive’ owing to the rise in sea temperatures.

This collage was made to accompany an article which outlined threats to ‘our greatest wilderness’ together with the inspiring work of those who seek to protect our oceans.

Ocean (c) Ann Johnson 2016, recycled paper collage, published in Quaker Concern for Animals newsletter.