Every five years in the month of Mangsir or Kartik, devotees sacrifice millions of animals, including 6,000 young male buffaloes. This year the organizers plan to sacrifice 5 million animals. Innocent creatures are killed en masse in an unorganized und unregulated manner.
No one can adequately explain why these practices are carried out year after year – except to say they are ‘traditional’.       

Given that Nepal is concerned about the welfare of their precious flora and fauna, and has signed a number of international Wildlife Treaties, followed by the introduction of the Meat Act, which introduces humane transport and killing of livestock and poultry, the cruelty exhibited in these traditional practices completely contradicts the spirit of these treaties and acts.

Please ask the Nepali ambassador, Murari Raj Sharma, to request an end to this cruelty, at:

Embassy of Nepal,
 12A Kensington Palace Gardens,
London W8 4QU. 
For more information, please visit: