Giving a voice to the voiceless

“Helping is not only about duty, but also about happiness”

-José Martí.

We may or may not feel a connection with animals from other species, that’s not the point of this article. What is to be regretted is the lack of sensitivity from many people towards the suffering of any living being, regardless of the species.

In most Third World countries, animals are not given any kind of protection, or, if there is a law that protects them, there are almost always exceptions or excuses to continue abusing animals.
However, worst of all, is the indifference shown both by the society and its authorities who continue regarding our fellow animals as things suitable for our ends, be it fun, work tools, food or clothing.

There is a lot to be done regarding our treatment of other species and therefore we need to understand that we must give a new meaning to the term “human being”, someone considerate and sensitive to the misfortune of animals. This is our full responsibility as guardians of the Planet. Nevertheless, it makes me profoundly sad that, despite the intensive work carried out by hundreds of animal rights activists worldwide, there will always be a little animal like the one that we can see in this photo: tired, abused, waiting for someone to speak out against his suffering.

I wish to join in with those who work to give a better treatment to this poor donkey who is somewhere in Nepal and who represents millions of animals suffering at the hands of their tormentors who only exploit them and look after their own interests. Because of this, those like me, committed to this cause, keep on working; since we know that one day we will get animal rights to be universally recognized. Only when this is achieved, will we be able to say that we are evolved beings, retaining our dignity as “human beings”, fully conscious of our responsibility towards the weakest, never lying silent before the injustices committed to other species by our own.

I wish to invite readers not to remain with their arms folded but to turn their indifference, or perhaps tears, into a clear determination to achieve justice. There is always something to be done to help those who need us.


~ Ara Ferris

World Animal Day Ambassador Mexico.

Translated by: Ma.Guadalupe Zamorano

This article was published in the section El Aviso Oportuno of the national newspaper El Universal Mexico. The link: