The people of Kaazipura village of the district of Meerut have been continuously and very cruelly killing stray dogs after a girl was bitten, and the Municipality was happy to see the public itself solving the problem of stray dogs.

The Municipality of Meerut had started catching dogs without making any arrangements for shelter, food and surgery (ABC – sterilisation and vaccination. They were just catching them, taking them elsewhere and killing the poor animals.

Yesterday, on March 14, after many difficulties, the Municipal Commissioner was obliged to agree to send the dogs to PFA Ghaziabad until he can make all arrangements for the ABC Programme in the district of Meerut.

Unfortunately, the media have been causing trouble by calling the dogs Man eaters.

All 20 dogs caught yesterday and the day before who would have been taken to the jungle have come to the shelter. Many of them are wounded, as they were very brutally caught by the municipal authorities.

They are all happy now, running here and there, playing, eating and sleeping, as they had been kept fastened up in small cages for 18-20 hours.

They are being treated, neutered and will be rehabilitated soon, but we are still worried as the Municipal authority has not yet signed the Memorandum Of Understanding and the Commissioner may change his mind.

Let’s hope for the best !