The Green School in Bali, Indonesia, says:

Our  vision is of a natural, holistic, student-centered learning environment that   empowers and inspires our students to be creative, innovative, green leaders.

The winners of their Greenest  Student on Earth Scholarship Competition are:

Primary   School – Kashius Ford, entering Grade 5  from New Mexico, USA, is an avid conservationist who lives in an eco-village  with renewable energy and organic farming and discovered a new species of  mushroom that is named after him.
Middle   School – Liva Adelstorp, entering Grade 6  from Bali, Indonesia, invented a garbage collection bag for scuba divers to help clean up Indonesia’s coral reefs.
High   School – Achyuth Jaigopal, entering Grade 12   from Kerala, India, is a promising young musician whose music raises awareness  about environmental issues. Achyuth’s scholarship will include boarding on campus in the Three Springs Village, Green School’s student boarding village.


More than 50 students from 20 countries entered the Greenest Student on Earth Scholarship Competition and many  experienced remarkable results just from the exposure of their videos on the Green School website. The students have been given donations of supplies for  their projects, partnerships with non-profit organizations supporting their  initiatives, celebrity endorsements, sponsorship offers, media attention,  local community awards, and have been asked to give public presentations and  even to be featured in a book.

Greenest Student on Earth winning videos are at:

and all of the video entries are at: