F/friends may be interested to hear about the formation of a group healing meditation held each Sunday at 5pm.

I was moved to suggest this connection via email following information about a Siberian tiger named Tony who has been incarcerated in the United States in a bare concrete cage for the last 15 years. Tony has light aimed at him 24 hours a day and is situated at a petrol station for the entertainment of customers.
I emailed Friend Ann and suggested we connect at 5 pm, hold Tony in the Light and send Love, Light, Healing and Power for good, seeing Tony’s cage opening and him being released into a sanctuary.  Ann liked this and emailed several other people, as I did, and within a very short time we have a circle of people all joining us at 5 pm every Sunday. Sending healing as an individual is powerful, but linking with a group is awesome.

We have now added other suffering animals to this meditation.

If this appeals to you, welcome, please join in, just find a quiet place even for a few minutes and link up.

~ Elizabeth Rowland-Elliott, Southport Local Meeting. lizbethreiki@yahoo.co.uk