Once again, Vets’ Care Organisation at the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore, has lent invaluable aid to farmers and their animals in flood-affected areas of the country. Here are the latest pictures of a Vaccination/De-worming Camp.

The vets are all volunteers and the treatment is free to the farmers.

Quaker Concern for Animals has recently made a donation to this excellent group. You will see that they are also supported by WSPA.

Dr.Waseem Shaukat writes:

The severe aftermath of the devastating floods in the Pakistan continues while the Vets Care Organization also continues its efforts for the well-being of the affected animals. In the beginning, the focus remained on rescue and emergency treatment, along with vaccination against Hemorrhagic Septicemia, and provision of emergency feed for the animals, which resulted in saving the lives of large numbers of animals.

 As the situation improved in this recovery phase, rehabilitation carried on and animal welfare needs have changed. As a next step, it was assessed that the flood-affected animals are at a greater risk of Foot & Mouth Disease, while most of the animals were already affected by internal parasites, which were causing stress to the animals and affecting their health badly. Vets Care Organization, in collaboration with the WSPA, initiated a special Vaccination & De-worming Programme in Kot Adu (District Muzaffar Garh).

 This programme was held on October 30-31, 2010, with two teams of twenty volunteer vets participating. 2659 animals were de-wormed, while 2741 animals were vaccinated for FMD.

 Vets Care Organization Pakistan is thankful to the WSPA for their support and to all volunteers who participated in helping these animals.

 While this programme saved several hundreds of animals, there are many more left behind who are at risk. Moreover, as the weather starts turning cold, the animals without shelters are expected to face severe challenges in the cold nights.   www.vetscare.org