We have featured the excellent work of BAWA in Bali on this web site before. Here is another story of the compassion to street animals shown by a local family and how BAWA helps.

‘A family of four, despite living on a trash dump in extremely poor conditions, takes care of many homeless cats and dogs and others they have welcomed into their impoverished but happy lives.

When we first met seven-year-old Ika  – pictured below with friend Kadek –  and her mother Maria, father Eka and baby sister Salfi, they had one much loved cat named Lupus. Soon they had taken in another five cats.


Now they are lovingly caring for two small puppies that Pak Eka found heartlessly dumped in a rice sack.


Pak Eka and Pak Adi give the puppies their breakfast

Pak Eka and Pak Adi give the puppies their breakfast











BAWA helps this family to keep all its animals healthy and happy by arranging vet care, nutritious food, vaccinations and sterilisation.

This big-hearted family is able to give endless amounts of love and attention which these abandoned and simply homeless animals so desperately need.

But without BAWA they wouldn’t be able to care for the animals they have adopted and others that live on the trash dump.’

See more of BAWA’s excellent work at:


Bali's dogs are feral

Bali’s dogs are feral