Paporn Jäkel writes:

 I was able to pick up two female dogs with cancer for treatment, driving 100 km. each way to collect them.

You can see from the picture that one dog has nose cancer – I’m worried about this one.

 They both suffer a lot, but will have a chance to survive now. I can only pray to God that they will survive.

 As usual, I also brought them food, and the puppies got de-wormed.


Paporn also started their temple project years ago and continues to support the animals in the temple as much as  possible. Over the years, she has organized veterinarians to provide medical care to wounded and sick animals, conducted castration and vaccination programs and always provided other necessities such as food, medicine or other supplies to the temple. There are always new animals arriving and especially since there is never enough funding available it has become a never ending story for Paporn. However, she continues to look after these unfortunate cats and dogs, who only have this place in the temple, providing as much as possible from the family’s own private budget.

For more information, please see: – your help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks to Paporn Jäkel, her husband Thomas and helpers, for being such compassionate people.