Animals are not clowns

The good news from Nicaragua is that MPs have approved the motion presented by Monica Baltodano stating that any international circus using trained wild animals will not be allowed into the country. Parliament was debating the law for the protection and welfare of domestic and domesticated wild animals.

Monica pointed out that this motion corresponds to the World Declaration of the Rights of Animals and to increasingly humane trends affecting their treatment.

She stated that not only were the animals taken from their natural habitats, but that they also suffered ill treatment during training.

“Human beings should not derive their pleasure from the suffering of other beings.”

There is no need to harm animals for amusement; Monica cited the Cirque du Soleil, considered one of the best in the world, which performs without any exploitation of animals.

The company LUSH, which has a good record of promoting and supporting animal and environmental charities in this country – recent examples are the racing greyhound campaign and the Animal Protection Agency campaign against the keeping of exotic animals as pets – is joining up with the Hispanic group AnimaNaturalis in its work to end the use of animals in circuses.

Apart from sending their cards and information packs on circuses with animals to local councils worldwide, AnimaNaturalis has organised many protests against these circuses.

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