The Malaga-based equine rescue CYD Santa María reports that in 2012, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, 73.000 horses were sent to for slaughter – 2013 figures not yet available.

In the course of 2014, CYD Santa María will be reminding owners little by little how terrible it is to treat gentle caring creatures as though they were rubbish.

A few months ago, the group rescued more than 20 seriously malnourished animals. As ever, the local council would not accept responsibility, though there is legislation which stipulates otherwise. Several of the horses died.  The association took them in, and, in an action without precedent, proceeded to take out a prosecution against the council for animal ill treatment.

Many of the mares were so skeletal that nobody realised until a few months later that they were pregnant. Thanks to the care and attention of everyone in the association, healthy and happy foals were born, though several, because of the starved state of their mothers, had to be more ‘spoiled’ than usual.

The photos show the foals Sherezade, Valeria, Colibrí and Zen – helped by Concordia, Virginia’s sister.











Colibr+¡          ZEN ayudado por Concordia










The association is grateful to their helpful vet, Aída Huertas, and Alimentos Altube for their generosity in providing excellent foods for the foals.

CYD Santa María wonders how such people exist who can take these wonderful creatures to the slaughterhouse, or leave them to starve to death alone in a field. They promise that this year will be better for them.
Virginia Solera García for the CYD Santa María Team.
Asociación CYD Santa María