Vasanthi Kumar writes:

 “We did an educational program in Nai Disha Free School in December 09.  Unlike regular schools, a free school has children from slums and such places and their parents are mostly illiterate and take up part time jobs in the construction industry.  About 50 kids got to see a movie – Compassionate Citizen (Hindi version) and at the end of it, I found that they had received the message well. Further, two of the boys were asked to elucidate all that they had learnt from the program during their next morning assembly, which I thought was a wonderful idea.

We hope to be carrying out a few more sessions in this school during January.

On the picture above, the three puppies are the ones that we have been taking care of in terms of food, vaccination, etc. We got their mother spayed recently during our last camp.”


Vasanthi is Managing Trustee of  Stray Relief and Animal Welfare (STRAW)