The Minister  for Primary Industry and Water, Bryan Green, has issued a press release to the  effect that the Australian Labor Party (ALP)/Greens alliance government in Tasmania has announced some  wonderful changes in the Tasmanian Budget today – a phase out of battery cages  in Tasmania, and the end of sow stalls by mid 2013 – years before their former  pledge, which was 2017.

The budget  provides for a buy out of the stalls and the cages.

The legislation still has to be drafted, and will need to get through the Parliament.

 Bryan Green  acknowledged the dedication of campaigners such as Pam Clarke to enhance animal welfare.
“Labor and  the Greens have a shared commitment to progressing this issue in partnership  with industry.

“The  Government will support farmers to transition away from practices such as sow  stalls and battery hens in response to the growing consumer preference for products that are sensitive to animal welfare,” Mr Green said.

~ Thanks and our compliments to Glenys Oogjes Executive Director of Animals Australia for this good news.