In Memoriam Jaydee

in the running shadows of cloud

the spring-back of trodden grass

the snuffle of wind through the thicket

the pricked ears of flowering gorse

the crooks of rising fern

and the bronze flanks of hill bracken,

forest mists, sphagnum’s star-suck,

wind’s attempts to finger-print a lake,

the brush of blown down

and the tease of forget-me-nots.

Chris Kinsey. May 2006

Chris, an advocate of these wonderful hounds, used to be an English and Drama lecturer in Newtown, Powys and is now a much published and prize winning poet. Her anthology Kung Fu Lullabies (Ragged Raven Press 2004) attracted much critical acclaim and is endorsed by our patron, U A Fanthorpe, Chris’ s favourite living poet. Chris also writes for Greyhound Express, Greyhound Rescue Wales magazine.

Weather Vanes, taken from Kung Fu Lullabies, evocatively sums up for the clerk her time in Powys, with its emblematic red kites:

Yesterday’s fog extinguished colour,

The only birds were puffed blackbirds

And woodcock returning to roost

Like flung sods of peat.

Today’s sun ignites

Last year’s bracken.

Two red kites spiral then hover

Buckling under the span of blue.

Though our feet crunch ice nails

Gorse flames with new blooms.