Some 40.000 spectators attended the Toro de la Vega fiesta in Tordesillas on Tuesday, September 11, in which, every year, a bull is sacrificed to honour the Virgin Mary, the town’s patron.

In spite of strict controls, a group of campaigners managed to reach the point where Volante, this year’s chosen victim, was to be released, and were removed by the police, though not arrested.

The local populace, in their wisdom, greeted the protestors with shouts of ‘terrorists’ and ‘abortionists’.

No ‘winner’ of this futile spectacle was announced, as Volante was killed outside the authorised area.

Torture is not culture.

Thanks to the Brazilian blog  O Grito do Bicho – the cry of the animal –  for this very speedy report.

We don’t have a picture of Volante, but this is Fadjen, a Spanish bull saved from the bullring by a compassionate French man:

O Grito do Bicho suggests we say every day:

Next year, there will be no Toro de la Vega.