9 PAWS volunteers attended the India for Animals 2012 conference in Goa from 16-18 November 2012. There were over 200 participants.
PAWS stall was there for two 2 days & eco-friendly merchandise sold for PAWS Rescues. They also obtained a new Dog Grasper, which will be used in their new ambulance, from Blue Cross of India.

PAWS was awarded the overall best volunteer, the best volunteer in awareness-raising and best female volunteer.


PAWS Founder Nilesh Bhanage  was also this year’s award winner for ‘Volunteer Relationship‘ category. And since PAWS was one of the sponsors of this event, their logo appeared on hoardings, banners, website & conference kits.



Vasanthi Kumar of STRAW was also honoured. She reports:

I was declared the winner of this year’s Outreach for Animals Award. I am very happy to receive this award and I feel that my responsibilities have now increased manifold because I have to do much more work



~ Well done to Vasanthi and Nilesh and all the excellent Indian campaigners!

Here is a link to the inspiring address given by Ingrid Newkirk founder of PETA: