Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Not only do humans get bullied, but so do animals!

That’s the new message ARAN is spreading in a new online campaign designed to get people to think about the suffering and abuse that animals go through on a daily basis amongst the silence which is most often hidden away from the eyes of those who care.

This exciting new campaign is encouraging people who do care, to report it. Up until recently, Ireland had a grossly outdated Protection of Animals Act which goes back to 1911. The Irish President, Michael D Higgins, will sign our new ‘Animal Health and Welfare Bill’ into law this week, it’s a huge step forward, one that ARAN does welcome in various areas, but with much more work to be done overall.

In the run up to September, ARAN will be mailing hundreds of these posters to schools, colleges, youth groups and universities all over Ireland in the hopes of grabbing their attention so that it can be directed towards the most vulnerable in society, animals. When a nation is kind towards animals, it can only lead to a kinder nation for all.

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‘Fighting animal abuse across Ireland’

P.S. ARAN thanks PETA for kindly permitting  to reproduce this poster design for the Irish campaign, and to the fantastic guys at for work on the design, and of course for all they do to help  animals.