We Will be Here after You are Gone is the title of an interesting and thought-provoking installation by Marie Louise Williams, a Member of Birkenhead Meeting. These are pictures of her work which recently featured in the exhibition Introjection at The Liverpool Academy of Arts. www.la-art.co.uk



‘A host of over one hundred jellyfish entice you into  the extensive exhibition space…’










The installation is made of HDPE plastic and thread. Marie writes:

” the idea came from the material itself – its physical qualities reminded me of translucent jellyfish… HDPE plastic is made from petroleum, made from sea creatures or zooplankton which fell to the ocean floor millions of years ago – some of which would have been jellyfish! This gives a cyclical nature to re-using this material.

Jellyfish are simple creatures, yet in the Precambrian world, more than 550 million years ago, the ancestors of jellyfish ruled the seas. They have survived the mass extinctions that have, in varying degrees, destroyed up to 94% of life on our planet. If we continue to over-fish, if the ice-caps continue to melt, the ecological niche they have evolved to inhabit may allow them to dominate again.

We are complex creatures, yet we may end up being the cause of our own extinction…”

Marie concludes with a plea to create a different end in mind.


The installation was shown again between 20th. November and 13th. December as part of the Liverpool Academy of Arts Christmas Open.