Joy writes:

Thank you for having this news edited and put on the Quaker Animal’s website.

I felt so worried about the rescues and how the animal lovers are struggling to fight for the cats and dogs over China. 
Around the Shanghai area, the Cat Owners’ Protection Group have had over 5000 cats rescued since June 2009, and most of the cats have to be released soon after, since nobody can keep all the cats at once. This is frustrating, as the chance of the poor cats getting captured again is very high. The rescuers all have many cats at home already. Jean told me yesterday that one loving girl called Little Mimi has more than 40 cats in her home, since she was afraid of the cat stealing in her residential area. Every time cats are saved, the rescuers bring some to their own home.

So this time, after the 700 cats been rescued on Nov 2nd, they rented a place in a suburb of Shanghai to have the cats sorted thus:

  1. The male cats have to be released ASAP to safe residential areas.

 2. Arrange neutering operations for all the female cats around 2 weeks later, after the cats’  health is better.

 3. Ask people to come to find their lost cats and to encourage people to have more cats adopted.

 4. Seek help from every source to get the above plans to happen.

Thanks a lot on behalf of the loving animals in China.
With best wishes,

~ Joy Gao