by Gordon Yapp, member of Clun Valley Meeting

by Gordon Yapp, member of Clun Valley Meeting

On the 1st March 2014 members of KAALE, Kent Action Against Live Exports, and TALE, Thanet Against Live Exports, were honoured in London at the annual RSPCA honours award ceremony.

Ian and Yvonne Birchall, Chairman and Secretary of KAALE and Reginald Bell, Chairman of TALE, were awarded the Elise MJ Evans Bronze Award for the work being done against Live Exports at Dover and all the Channel ports.

Yvonne, KAALE Secretary, says:

“We feel honoured to be recognised as a group by the RSPCA but always remember it is for all our supporters, as without them we would be ineffective.

Thank you to all.”


Photo courtesy of KAALE official photographer Valerie Cameron.

QCA sends our congratulations to the team. KAALE has for years been a tenacious and vigilant presence on the Kent coast, defending and speaking up for the animals whenever the transporters bring them to be shipped to the continent.

The research done and information KAALE regularly disseminates is thorough and important.

Thank you for all you do – this accolade is very well deserved.

N.B. It is also time that the authorities allowed the RSPCA to monitor the transport of animals overseas. It is inexplicable that the main animal protection organisation in the country should not attend at the port.