A movie book is a new concept entirely, one which takes book illustration to the next level. Sprinkled throughout the book are the URLs for sixty video clips of Kalahari wildlife, which are stored on YouTube. As you read about the animals, you will be able to click on the URL and watch them on the video clip. So:

  • You do not merely read about Snooky, the rescued jackal who had been kept in a small cage all his life, you watch him on video.
  • Read the exciting and uplifting stories of rescuing wild animals and birds.
  • Learn about animal habits and behaviour.
  • Laugh at the antics of endearing animals like meerkats and bat-eared foxes.

Reading a movie book with e-readers will be a seamless experience. If one buys the paperback, then the list of videos must be downloaded to the readers PC or laptop.  The list of URLs is included in the book as an Appendix, and can be sent by email to you; our email address is there to make it easy for you to contact us.

This book has been reviewed by the prestigious New York Journal of Books.

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The authors of this book, Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan, founded the South African NGO Campaign Against Canned Hunting and their story is told in the book, all the proceeds of which will go to the campaign against trophy hunting.

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