The following photos are the work of Darren Novak of Oyster Bay, Sydney.

These Eastern Grey Kangaroos live in the grounds of Morisset Hospital at Newcastle NSW. There was a protest, organised by the campaigner Les Hutchinson, at the site on July 26 this year against a possible threat to their safety on the site.

The patients and staff at Morisset care deeply about the welfare of the animals.

Hot off the press:

Les reports that the Area General Manager of Morisset Mental Clinic Health Services attended a meeting with staff and police this week  mainly to discuss ways of keeping  undesirable elements of the public from causing distress to patients by invading the public grounds, killing kangaroos, whose bodies the patients later find.
Les is assured there has been no request from the authorities to kill any kangaroos, so he is reasonably certain the kangas face no immediate death threat, and could be safe in the medium term.




Many thanks to Les and friends for their work in defence of these beautiful creatures – and to Daz for the use of his photos.