Readers will be aware that Thanet Council has been forced to allow once again the export of live animals from the Port of Ramsgate, despite the considerable opposition in the town.

This comprehensive reports have been issued by KAALE:

KAALE is ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports’

The NGO KAALE is a completely volunteer-run organisation specifically set up to address the specific issue of live animal exports, primarily from the port of Dover, but now more recently covering both Ramsgate (Kent) and Ipswich (Suffolk).

During the past year and just over, we have seen live animal exports (for slaughter) move out of Dover to the port of Ramsgate. Dover continues to be monitored. A terrible incident at Ramsgate harbour on Wednesday 12th September 2012 which resulted in the deaths of around 46 sheep has now led to the port owners (Thanet District Council) stopping the live animal trade from the harbour. We congratulate them on their decision. You can read more about the incident of the 12th in out report ‘J64’ – Go to ‘About Us’ then select ‘Export Reports’. (Please note – after a legal challenge, exports have now resumed)

KAALE intentions are to stop the trade in live animal exports through entirely legal and peaceful demonstrations at any UK port. The KAALE crew gathers information, data and photographs, and subsequently produces a detailed report for every live animal export consignment which leaves any of the UK ports. These reports can be seen on this site under the sub section of ‘Export Reports’. Older archive reports can also be found under ‘Harbours’.

In addition, we run a telephone newsline which is updated every weekend as standard and further updated during the week when there are live animal shipments from UK ports happening.

We have a vast group of supporters nationwide who provide us with all kinds of information and support. We are also involved with livestock market monitoring on a weekly basis. We also welcome our overseas visitors.







Our site provides information and links for the following:

• European Union animal transport regulations
• Links on how to find MEPs from every member state of the EU
• Specific links to UK MEP’s on a national region by region basis
• An insight into Defra, which is responsible for, and approves, live animal exports from the UK
• We have archives from both Dover and Ramsgate harbours
• Ipswich – used just once in September 2012 is also included
• See a huge number of photographs related to recent animal exports from our county, particularly Ramsgate harbour; as well as past campaign photographs from our archives of some 20 years or more at Dover harbour.

We request your help and support to campaign against live animal exports from the UK (when it happens) in whatever way you are able. This can be writing or mailing politicians; or by becoming a member of KAALE. There is a link to membership on the site should you wish to join with us, or kindly send us a donation.

KAALE holds a monthly demonstration outside the Eastern Dock at Dover on the 1st Saturday of every month between 12 noon and 3pm; although sometimes now the location is now changed to other ports depending on the location of the trade; if it is happening. Information about monthly demonstration locations is provided via our telephone newsline; the number for which you can find under ‘About Us’ – ‘Contact Us’.

The infamous Joline

Photographs courtesy of Valerie Cameron – KAALE Photographer.


We have named her ‘Vita’, or ‘Life’ in Latin / Italian.

She passed through Ramsgate at 1625hrs on Friday 9th September 2011.
Carried on a transporter of haulier ‘Wilson McCurdy’ from Northern Ireland.

Our report ‘J24’ for the sailing described this vehicle as: “Carrying very smelly sheep, crammed in as if they had been ‘poured in’ from all angles”. KAALE Photographer Valerie captured her suffering on the transporter.

We do not know her origin; we don’t know her final destination; alas, she will no longer be with us.

But ‘Vita’, as we have named her, was the inspiration for our new KAALE logo; – for hers was a life witnessed for mere seconds at Ramsgate as she passed us by going to her death; but who, for those few seconds, will now always be remembered in so many ways as a symbol of what we are campaigning for.

She is ‘Vita’; providing new life to KAALE campaigns !



Please visit for information on the work done by this excellent group.