Last week, PAWS office received a call that a kitten had fallen into an empty well in Gandhi Chowk Kalyan, near Mumbai, and had been there 4 days. The local residents were sending fish in a bag down to feed him.

PAWS told the caller to contact the Kalyan Fire Brigade, who arrived & found that the well was more than 50 feet deep & they had a ladder of maximum 30 feet long. Also, the wire hanging over the well created an obstacle. They returned empty handed.

I called our volunteer Mandar Sawant and we went to Kalyan fire brigade with PAWS ambulance carrying a cat carrier & grabber. 6 firemen & vehicle followed our ambulance. This time the Fire Brigade carried ropes and a cradle to send someone inside

It was not an easy task for us to rescue the kitten as a chamber approximately 14-15 feet long was attached to the bottom of well, where the kitten went & hid.

After Mandar went down, the firemen also went in with digging equipment. They made a man size hole to the chamber to go inside. Mandar in sleeping position went 6 feet inside & brought the kitten out. I tied a rope to pet carrier & sent it down. The fireman, Ratanli Koli, & Mandar put the kitten inside.

Finally, the kitten went back to care-taker Seema Mane.

~ Thanks to Nilesh Bhanage, Founder of PAWS, and the whole team for this wonderful
rescue – and to Kalyan Fire Brigade.

“Hands that help are holier than lips that pray”.

Latest news:

Nilesh Bhanage received an award from PETA India on behalf of PAWS for rescuing the kitten from the deep well last week.


Their ‘Best Volunteer for 2011’, Mandar Sawant, also received the same award.

The Hero To Animals’ award was presented by PETA India’s Chief Functionary Poorva Joshipura at the PETA office.