This touching tribute to Laika, the dog sacrificed in the early days of Soviet space research, is by our member Fiona Owen of Holyhead Meeting.

Laika  –  c. 1954–November 3, 1957 

Thinking of you, I looked up –

saw your face in the clouds.

Now there’s a thing: cocked head,

ears perked with the tips flopped over

and the eyes, yes, they were yours,

bright orbs of keen light.

You held for moments

but cloud being cloud

your face dissolved back

into sky.

You’re Everydog

and all the dogs I’ve loved. Two years before my birth,

something of me (please) was with you

in that tiny dog-space they shot to heaven.

So can we say you were not quite alone as Earth

fell away and you were left with your doubling

heartrate, pulserate, blood pressure soaring,

weightlessness, waiting, trust?

They were sorry afterwards. Before the day,

Dr Yazdovsky took you home to play

with his children, gave you the glimpse

of another life.

  ~ Fiona Owen. August 2012

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