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I happened to stumble upon these buddies. The girl in the picture is the daughter of a cobbler. The boy is her brother. And this is their semi-adopted dog. When she caught my attention she was rubbing a cloth all over this dog’s body, trying to clean every bit of him. He was standing there getting it done and feeling the bliss of this therapy. One can see the love in the dog’s eyes. The girl was imitating her father and doing what he does to shoes. Even though this act may mean nothing to many, but to someone who saw it happening it could mean a lot of things.
The little girl was taking care of this dog with such motherly care that it was very mature and lovable. A perfect girl. Her father was not objecting to this and had complete trust in the dog and had taught the essence of life to his children at any early age.

A perfect parent. She had learned how clean from her father’s job and was doing it so meticulously that it reflected her talent to grasp the finesse of her father’s craftsmanship at an early age. A perfect child & student.

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And the dog was a perfect guardian and loyal companion ready to give his life away if needed.
Life does show us these minute examples of perfect living in our everyday lives. It is up to us to ignore them or to see them carefully and learn.

~ Rishi Dev.
ForĀ Citizens For Animal Rights (CFAR). New Delhi.