Despite the present deadly disease our country is faced with, the Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society(LAWCS) responded to the needs of animals who are exploited for humanity’s own ends.

LAWCS conducted an outreach program, visited various communities, educated community people about responsible pet ownership and provided free veterinary care for animals in need, mainly dogs. In Liberia, dogs serve people in various capacities – security, hunting, source of income, pets, etc, but they are treated as properties rather than sentient beings.

The issue of animal welfare in Liberia is seen as a new phenomenon. LAWCS conducted this  2484programme from Oct 1st to 4th 2014 with the aim of improving the relationship between dogs and their owners, improving the welfare and health of dogs and changing people’s negative behaviours and attitudes to animals, so that they can start to value the lives of their dogs.

The program also addressed the issue of abuse in homes by building empathy and compassion in pet owners which will also extend to their fellow humans.

Currently, all schools are closed as a result of the Ebola crisis in the country, which continues to take the lives of so many people. Our organisation has trained community volunteers as humane educators an provided them with materials to conduct humane sessions with the children in various communities.

We also provided materials for Ebola prevention to be used while the children are in our sessions. The activity is done to keep the children busy while schools are closed and to help reduce the stress and trauma everyone is facing as a result of the Ebola crisis. The program is also designed to empower children to extend compassion to animals.

Help is needed to continue this activity.

LAWCS is also actively involved in Ebola awareness and distribution of preventative materials to remote villages.

You can visit our website and learn more about our intervention in the fight against Ebola in Liberia. We continue to raise funds to purchase more preventative materials for remote villages.

Morris Darbo.

Link:  Liberian Animal Welfare and Conservation Society.