ARAN says:

You stood in the wind and rain for two hours to say “ NO, not in my name”, to the issue of live animal exports from Ireland. Click here to watch some short footage of the event. Click here for more pictures.

It was by far the largest attendance at a weekday event held by ARAN for some time, with well over 100 people outside the Department of Agriculture in Dublin together with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) to call for an end to the resumption of live animal exports from Ireland to the Middle East.

Since the resumption, over 6,000 Irish animals have been sent to a country to which the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs has advised Irish people not to travel. This very same country does not enforce any type of animal welfare laws or guidelines.

The resumption of exports to the Middle East comes after more than a ten-year hiatus, with the first shipment going out from Belview Port in Waterford. Already Irish farming media are reporting the trade is to be stepped up, with even more animals being shipped in the near future. This is an absolute welfare nightmare for the animals who will have to endure this terrible suffering.

On the day of the rally, we also had the Vegetarian Society of Ireland speak about the benefits of going veggie. This group has been incredibly helpful to ARAN’s events over the years, and we thank them. We also had support from various Irish animal protection groups with whom we work with. Media coverage was good in newspapers and fantastic on radio stations along with speaking to RTE’s Agriculture Correspondent.

ARAN and CIWF have informed the Department of Agriculture and Minister Simon Coveney of our concerns regarding the welfare of the animals being sent to Libya. This entails a grueling ten-day journey for the many thousands of animals, who will no doubt be confused and frightened, not knowing what is happening. At their destination in Libya the slaughter methods are often halal, and this is where the worst suffering will take place.

ARAN is against the killing of all animals. Whilst we would prefer that no animals would be sent for slaughter, we must realise this is happening, so for the animals that have to endure such a fate, we will work to lessen their suffering until we can bring about a day where no animals have to be killed.

QCA note: We repeatedly write to the minister on this matter and sent a message of support to the demonstrators from us, the Unitarians, our patrons Nitin Mehta with his group The Young Indian Vegetarians, and André Menache, veterinarian. We also informed the Compassionate Muslim group in Canada and they sent their statement of support too.



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