Demanding an end to cruel treatment faced by animals, including stray dogs, animal rights activists on Monday April 23rd urged the Government to enact the Animal Welfare Act.

Coming together under an initiative to protect animals from cruelty-  For Animals –  the activists castigated the Government’s policy of constructing dog pounds and rather called for adoption of stray dogs to prevent rising cruelty to them.

Other issues of concern are transport of animals – that though stringent rules are in place, they were being violated – and the existence of unauthorised slaughter houses. The animal birth control (ABC) programme needed to be implemented fully and dog pounds should be done away.

Asking for the implementation of the Delhi High Court order, speakers also expressed concern over reports of continued harassment of people who feed stray animals.

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Rishi Dev, an architect and planner who was instrumental in organizing the event said that animal activism was not against humans and it was essential to drive home the point that it was instead aimed at reducing the conflict between animals and humans…

… The other demands put up by the group included strong action against improper disposal of waste, especially plastic, which has in the past been fatal when consumed by animals. They also asked for use of non-animal alternatives in experimentation and investigation into the funding of animal experimentation.


Bangalore and Lucknow also supported these concerns, organising rallies on a common agenda in their respective cities.

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wild monkeys in a New Delhi garden

 ~ Quaker Concern for Animals has many friends and contacts among the excellent campaigning groups in India. Thank you  all for turning out to speak for the animals.