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Our member, Sandra Higgins of Eden  Farm Animal Sanctuary, writes:

The night Matilda, our rescued hen, died, I promised her that I would dedicate the remainder of my life to illustrating the precious natures of non-human animals, so that the humans who unknowingly or uncaringly harm them might adopt a more compassionate way of living with them.

In her name, I set up Matilda’s Promise, a vegan education centre associated with Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary. November, World Vegan Month, seems an appropriate time to launch the centre’s new website www.matildaspromise.org.

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Initially the focus of the website will be on the movie You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Hugged a Turkey, detailing the background to the movie.


The Joy of Dustbaths – Marian


Peace Call – Maeve and Marian









A trailer of the movie is now available to view here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41n_fvkKzLc&feature=plcp

or on the site, and the movie was premiered at the Vegan Society of Ireland (Vegan Ireland) in Dublin on 17th November 2012.

You can also view the lecture and powerpoint presentation that accompanies the launch of the movie here: http://animalrightsireland.blogspot.ie/2012/11/talking-turkey-with-sandra-higgins-of.html#!/2012/11/talking-turkey-with-sandra-higgins-of.html
This talk includes an introduction to Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary and some of the residents who live there, the rationale behind setting up an Animal Rights Vegan Education Centre, and the background to making the movie.

Sandra adds:

Who are the turkeys we breed, harm, and kill for food?

We often see the non-human animals we oppress referred to as ‘The Voiceless’. I do not believe they are voiceless. They have voices and they use them, constantly. It is no reflection on them that we do not understand their language. But we share a common body language and a language of emotion through which they have a lot to tell us if we listen.

In the movie ‘You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Hugged a Turkey’, they use this common language to give an account of who they are.

Their story is rooted in scientific fact, and their voices are joined, in this documentary, by the voices of the scientists who investigate their lives.

Together they illustrate that other animals have comparative cognitive and sensory capacities to our own that enable them to experience and to be aware of the suffering that our use inflicts on them.

They are not voiceless; listen to them and they will speak to you of justice and of love.

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Hugged a Turkey, full length version http://youtu.be/sZBNll5Y4SY

Sandra Higgins and all at Eden.

Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary & Matilda’s Promise Vegan Education Centre.


This post is illustrated by images from the greeting cards featuring three turkeys rescued last year by Eden. They are available for sale via the web site. The cards are blank inside for one’s own message, printed on FSC certified stocks, using digital printing and vegetable waste inks and they include envelopes made from recycled maps.

Update December 11:
We are delighted to tell you that we now have a facility where you can Sponsor a Resident at Eden.  This would make a lovely, as well as a responsible gift for someone, and, at the same time, greatly benefit the individuals at Eden.
The care of each individual resident at Eden is expensive. When you choose to sponsor a Resident of Eden your money goes towards his or her living costs and towards the care that he or she requires due to the health challenges faced as a result of being bred into the animal agricultural industry. Your money will be used to:
• purchasing his or her food • maintain the fencing in the sanctuary that keeps him or her safe from predators • build or maintain his or her home ensuring a a warm shelter to sleep in at night • purchase preventative health care supplies • pay for veterinary care if he or she becomes ill.
In return for your sponsorship we will send you a photograph of the resident you have chosen to sponsor along with some information on his or her history, individual personality and life at Eden. These will be sent electronically.
Check it out here:
The website is currently being updated, in case readers wonder where all the photos of the lovely residents have disappeared to. Sandra hopes to have it all up and running soon again.