On April 22nd 2012 around 7,000 activists and citizens in general gathered at the main square of Mexico City and, in synchrony with other 27 protests within the Mexican Republic, supported the bill that seeks to ban bullfighting in Mexico City in order to give a voice to the bulls and horses tortured in bullrings in the name of a “tradition” that most conscientious citizens firmly reject.

The message to the legislators was clear: we reject violence towards animals and we’ll keep on being the voice of these beings who cannot fend for themselves. If we want to root out the problem of violence, let’s start by leaving behind these bloody shows which only harm society, corrupt children and promote violence towards animals of other species.

Carrying placards and wearing white T-shirts, thousands of women, men, youngsters and children started to rally at the main square of Mexico City to support the citizens’ claim. Public figures, such as Juan Pablo de Leo and Senator Agustin Torres, amongst others, were present. Meanwhile, hundreds of public figures such as writers, celebrities, academic researchers, journalists and even a former Colombian bullfighter used the social networks to support our campaign to abolish bullfighting.

Our work as abolitionists has been constant and persistent in the last five years and we have successfully called the attention of the national and international media. Furthermore, we have managed to push the bill through to the plenary meeting. Now, it’s time for the legislators to respond to and listen to the majority’s will. This is a key moment to overcome the harmful inertia and savage traditions.

The current local legislature ends this month and a great responsibility falls on their hands: voting in favour of this bill and, as a consequence, leaving behind this tradition which is not fit for the century we live in.

By Ara Ferris/World Animal Day (WAD) Mexico.

Translated by: María Guadalupe Zamorano.