The Sofa Club – Speaking Out For Animals, forever! – is based at Thorpe House School in Norwich and is led by their teacher Sue Cole, who writes:

Our children have set up a petition to request the compulsory microchipping of dogs, which already has 6,000 signatures which were presented at Westminster to our MP for South Norfolk, Richard Bacon.

The visit, on 21st October for the cross party question and answer session with three MPs, was successful and four members of SOFA had the opportunity to ask the following questions:

In Spain and France, microchipping is already law. In your opinion, why is microchipping not already law in the UK when it is considered to be a ‘nation of animal lovers’?

Do you think political parties that support responsible pet ownership can get away with not supporting the legalization of microchipping?

In the past few months we have secured the support of many animal charities, as well as from Dog Wardens and Veterinary Surgeons, one of whom, Marc Abraham is with us today, and in the past few weeks we have gained the support of the UK’s major animal charity, the RSPCA, who is now promoting our campaign for microchipping to become law. In the light of all this backing of our campaign, would you consider presenting this as a bill in Parliament?

We are a small group of young people trying to promote more responsible pet ownership, where do we go from here in our bid to ensure microchipping becomes law in the UK?