August 9 2013 was an important date for the city of Bayonne, in the south west, near Biarritz.

Jean-Pierre Garrigues, President of CRAC reports: “Bullfighting was first introduced in France in 1853, in St Esprit near Bayonne, to gratify the sadistic pleasure of the Empress Eugénie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III. Jean Grenet, mayor of Bayonne, plans to celebrate this dark anniversary on  August 9th. at the Bayonne town hall, and torturers from different countries are invited into the ring for a « bullfighting gala ».

At this time of grave economic crisis, is it not time to devote public funds to solve society’s problems, rather than carry on torturing animals for amusement ? In 2011, the bullfight in Bayonne had a deficit of 415, 000 euros. In 2012, three out of seven bullfights scheduled were cancelled. When will we see the end of legalised torture ?

On Friday, August 9th. thousands of  leaflets were distributed in the town,  informing the people of Bayonne about the cruel reality of the corrida and this scandalous anniversary.”

Organising Associations : CRAC Europe, Fondation Brigitte Bardot and the Euskal Herria Bayonne Anti Corrida group. With the participation of FLAC, L214 and Animal Cross.