Nov 2 2009, 700 Cats Rescued in Shanghai

5am – Nov 2nd 2009,  on a cold, windy day.  The cat owners from Lost Cats Owners’ Protection Group  (this used to be Shanghai Cat Protection Group, but is now re-named as  the cat nappers claim that the cats they’ve got are strays)  were waiting outside the hotel where the cat nappers have the cats collected.

9am – The cat nappers cars drove away from the hotel, with the owners following to a wild uninhabited place outside of Jiangqiao parking lot. Clearly, this was a place for cat transporting.

11.40am – The cat owners called the police, who came from Jiading, Fengbin Police Station.  The owners went in, led by the police and found 35 cages full of poor cats squashed in tiny bamboo cages: None of the cat nappers were there.

After long negotiation, and with Shanghai Livestock Bureau Small Animal Protection Association’s help, the cats were released to the cat owners.  But that was not the end of the story.

3pm – When the cat owners were carrying the cages up to the truck, and about to leave, the cat nappers appeared suddenly and took the truck key from the truck driver. After more than 10 minutes fighting, they got the key back.  When they managed to drive the truck to the gate, 5 cat nappers showed up, throwing rocks at the truck window. The cat owners, most of them were women, were attacked and the police officers just watched.

4pm – As on Oct 23rd,  when 600 cats were rescued, the truck drove to the police station to have the problem solved.  The lives of the 700 cats were decided by the decision of the police.  Over the years, action is getting harder and harder!  The cat nappers still keep stealing cats without fear, and the people of the south still keep eating our poor cats! Where is the justice?  Where is the ethics?

8pm – After more and more lost cat owners went to the police station in support, the police finally made the decision: to have the cats released to the cat owners!

1am Nov 3rd – several loving people worked till 3am at a safe place with the cats who were going back to their homes or being adopted.

The photos were taken on Nov 5th at a temporary place where the 700 rescued cats stayed since midnight Nov 2nd.  Cat food was donated by a loving lady.  Several rescuers stayed the night with the 700 poor cats in a suburb of Shanghai,  taking shifts to look after them.

These cats were saved by their owners and the cat lovers who put their lives in danger to achieve this successful rescue.   In the near future, they are going to have the cats neutered, vet checked, there will be adoptions, their owners will be found, or they will return to their own areas.  They do need a lot of help from every source.

Please help the Lost Cat Owners’ Protection Group to continue to fight for our poor, dear cats!

This news came from Jean WangThe Shanghai Lost Cat Owners’ Protection Group.

Translated by Joy Gao and edited by QCA.


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Thank you and we appreciate your love and support for the loving cats in China!