A young helper

Paporn of Khlong Dogs in Bangkok informs us:

“With a very welcome donation from a visitor to this site, I was able to buy vaccines for the dogs at the temple and visit them  again, with a vet and 2 volunteers,  last Sunday. The temple is about 100 KM from Bangkok.

We vaccinated the adult dogs and dewormed and vaccinated the puppies. As usual, I brought them food and some medicine.

The auntie and the temple orphanage children were given some clothes and pocket money for their basic needs.

 The next visit will be in early March.  I hope the puppies  – and also the orphanage boys –  will grow up nicely.

Without your donations, I would not be able to help the unfortunate and abandoned animals and children in temple.”

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A further report from Paporn:

 There are about 150 dogs and cats in the temple. But a lot of them are sick and, on veterinary advice, not ready to be vaccinated.

There are about 8-10 boys, aged 7-15, living in the temples. They take care of themself. Auntie, our assistant, helps them and they help her.

They get food from the monks, who are given it by local residents.

The young boys’ parents were foreign workers. They disappeared and I am not sure if they are dead or where they have gone. Some parents just leave their boys in the temple because they cannot afford to take care of them.

Living conditions are very poor. The boys just sleep anywhere in the temple, sometimes with the dogs.

There is a local school nearby, which the boys attend. The monks teach them from time to time.

Even though they do not have parents close by to bring them up, they behave quite well. They are good boys, especially the 2 young ones who always take care of the animals and are quite kind to them.

I am sure God approves of what I am doing. I feel he is watching me and giving me spiritual support. Without the support, financial and moral, of animal lovers, I would not have borne this burden for so long.