a cat saved by cat lover from Jiaxingfeed the cattwo kittens are growing fast

One of the Chinese campaigners writes:


I am very proud of these good people in Shanghai, Jiaxing and Suzhou cities. They are sacrificing their time, comfort, money and even risking their lives to save our animal friends. Among them, there are some senior people too. I just cannot express how I appreciative I am to them.

At the same time, we are still very anxious about the situation. We cannot relax at all, as the lack of a law for animal welfare, the ignorance of the public, and the indifference of the government, all make it very difficult for our cats’ protectors and easy for the evil thieves and killers.

We are desperately in need of the enforcement of animals laws that make it illegal to kill cats for foods.

I understand some people inside and outside China argue that it is an individual choice to eat whatever they want, and some others argue that we should not criticise different cultures.

But I am strongly opposed to such opinions, as a local person in Guangzhou city, where most of the cats are destined.  There are still many people who do not eat cats here, so it does not make any sense to claim this as culture. This unbearable cruelty inflicted on our cats and dogs is nothing to do with culture, race, but it is related to humanity. Humanity is universal. Although animal abuse exists everywhere, it is not as common or socially and legally acceptedas  in China.  Some one would say that animals are treated badly in the western world too, however this should not be an excuse for China and its people to carry on with such evil behaviour.

Moreover, as those who argue for personal rights, I strongly doubt about their opinions too.  Due to their disgusting appetite, criminals are stealing cats everywhere, leaving cats’ owners heart-broken, animal lovers suffering, and worse still, the public is confronted with the possibility of disease. In 2003, Sars first broke out in Guangdong. We are so angry that lessons are not learnt by the people and government. Due to globalization, this is a threat to the whole world too.

Therefore we would appreciate if good people around the world will support us with our animal campaign. Please,  publish articles and let more people know what is happening here.  We are fighting a really hard battle, but we believe that there are many good people standing together with us, and this makes us strong.

Thank you very much.

Cynthia (Xiya).