Pei-feng Su, Executive Director, writes:

Our partner group Changsha Small Animal Protection Society (CSAPS) was suddenly forced this summer to move their shelter, with over hundred animals, to a rundown place. ACTAsia immediately helped to ensure that they had basic necessities like water, electricity, a septic tank and fencing. We also sent in a highly experienced shelter consultant from the UK to help design the lay out of the shelter. He has also advised them on procedures for good shelter management. This helps to make the shelter as animal friendly as possible, despite their extremely limited funds.

Training animal protection pioneers

For the third year in a row, we held our annual workshop in June 2008. Twenty two key members of animal groups in China gathered in Shenzhen to attend the interactive workshop. The main emphasis this time was on project management and companion animal issues. Gaining knowledge and sharing experiences, left the attendees energised.

Promoting neutering of companion animals

Neutering owned animals is key to the prevention of many unwanted animals ending up in the streets. To make neutering more acceptable amongst pet owners and the public, ACTAsia has developed leaflets on this issue. These leaflets are now being used by various Chinese animal welfare groups at their public awareness events.

In addition, we are working closely with CSAPS and Shenzhen Cats to enhance their neutering programme. Part of this programme is to establish a collaboration with vets in their areas.

Promoting animal sentience and protection

Chinese people are not born to be cruel to animals. Many of them are not taught or do not realise that animals have feelings too. To educate people that animals are sentient beings that feel pain and fear, we have put great effort in that field:

We have developed a leaflet on animal sentience and made it available to animal welfare groups.

With Xiamen Animal Protection Society (XAPS) we have created a humane education programme for university/college students from Xiamen University and Xiamen Art School.

Being the first of its kind, ACTAsia co-organised the Beijing Universities Animal Protection Event. Our China programme officer has given presentations and hosted group discussions at fifteen universities on animal sentience and protection.

Animal welfare legislation

Another groundbreaking event in China, which ACTAsia is proud to be part of, is the International Animal Protection Legislation Symposium in China. On invitation, we presented a paper on the importance of:

animal welfare legislation in the current Chinese society.

animal protection groups in promoting animal welfare to the public.

Organisational development

We have mentored local animal welfare groups like Shenzhen Cats and CSAPS to make their organisation more effective, by designing a strategy policy, work plan and realistic aims. But we have also developed our own organisation, by recruiting two project staff in China. One programme officer in Beijing and a programme manager in Shenzhen strengthened our team, and will facilitate an even closer working relationship with and among local Chinese groups. The five of us are looking forward to build the animal welfare movement further in the future!

~ QCA would like to congratulate Actasia for their hard work and compassion for our fellow beings.