Image – by kind permission of Alley Cat Allies.

Alley Cat Allies is an organisation dedicated to the protection of cats in the US. They provide care for feral cats and advocate for a Trap – Neuter – Return (TNR) approach to managing feral cat colonies. They also work to harmonise the relationship between colonies and the local human communities.

National Feral Cat Day started in 2001, to raise awareness of the issues faced by feral cats, to promote the TNR approach – and to recognise the compassion of the humans who care.

 In the last ten years the amount of local authorities with TNR policies in the US has increased ten times over. This is a great development and great news for many feral colonies, but still in most areas feral cats are caught and taken to pounds where, being unsocialised and therefore unsuitable for adoption, virtually 100% of them will be killed.

National Feral Cat Day will see groups across the United States holding events and fundraisers in support of the lifesaving work being done for feral cats.

 Link:  Alley Cat Allies web site is here. Also Alley Cat Allies are on Facebook .


A memorial service for twenty five cats killed in Yonkers, New York, by a person or persons unknown was held on May 10th this year. The event was organised by activist Kristin A. Crage. Alley Cat Allies provided white flowers for those who attended, as well as a sharegraphic of a flower so that people across the US could participate virtually on social media. A procession was made to the site where the victim’s bodies were found, and a wreath was laid. Minister Dina Lenore Cirigliano gave a eulogy.

“Humans do not own this earth,” said the organiser, Ms Crane.  “We share it with animals and it’s our responsibility to protect, watch over and respect them. All they want is our kindness.”

Over $23,000 was offered by local and national organisations for information leading to an arrest.

Links: memorial report in Yonkers Daily Voice.

Some moving reports and pictures of the memorial are on the Facebook page “Yonkers Low Cost Spay/Neuter Initiativehere.