Celebration, concern and spirit.

Our latest issue features a blend of reporting on the more global work of professional experts in the field of animal advocacy and the valuable, individual concerns and actions from our ‘grass roots’ membership. Interspersed with these are some very stirring poems and striking images.

We are particularly pleased to introduce to our readers the marvellous Limbe organisation, who doing truly remarkable work in Cameroon, operating in a remote area that is frequently get cut off from the outside world.

Also in our Autumn issue..
  • A ‘remembrance’ of Laika, the little space dog. This November it will be 60 years since Laika became the first living mammal to orbit the Earth. She was also the first orbital casualty.
  • Returning to QCA’s anti-vivisection roots, we have a piece on Animal Aid’s Mice Matter campaign in tribute to Andrew Tyler, who inspired so many of us.
  • Two articles on zoosfeaturing current research and findings of Marc Bekoff, Born Free, CAPS and the remarkable Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals.

Hard copies will be available for public sale on World Animal Day, as we gratefully take up our residency in Friends House Bookshop for a second year running. Please come visit…and bring a F/friend!