Celebration, concern and spirit.


QCA Member Elizabeth Allison, of Leicester Meeting, introduces the theme of our Spring 2018 issue, ANIMAL SENTIENCE, with an eloquent plea for more compassion, respect and understanding for our fellow creatures, the depths of whose inner experience science is only beginning to credit.

An intriguing and effective symbiosis appears to be emerging out of the very different but complementary work of scientists, lawyers and artists. We celebrate the work of artists such as photographers Colleen Plumb and Jo-Anne McArthur, whose increasing popularity is promoting an awareness of the beauty and complexity of animals that is helping to open the public’s mind to the urgent messages from the animal activist community.

We also have profiles of The Vegetarian Charity and Pounds for Poundies, as well as poetry from Fiona Owen and Paul Matthews; and we report on positive developments at Friends House and Farnham Meeting.

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Also in our Spring issue..
  • Remembering Mohan and Tony.
  • Fox myths and rumours
  • The growing opposition to grouse shooting