This edition of the journal begins with a piece of research into Quaker history shedding light on the apparent contradiction between the pacifist belief of early whaling Friends’ in Nova Scotia pacifist beliefs and their violent and cruel behaviour towards non-humans.
Dorothy Jerome shares her spiritual connection with a rare bee through her poetry and an image of her textile art on the front cover.  We have poetry also from Stevie Krayer which led me to research the matter of species extinctions which can get very depressing.  So, I have shared with you only the good news that I and Marian Hussenbux found as well as projects concerning our native wildlife that you can be involved in.  I have also shared news about Puppy Farming in south Wales.  Jasmine Piercy has kindly shared her news about the new Museum of Animal Stuff.  There are a couple of book reviews and a review of a textile art exhibition.
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"The Shrill Carder Bee" 2019, Dorothy Jerome

“The Shrill Carder Bee” 2019, Dorothy Jerome