The two poems below are illustrated by Leeks, by Jessica, aged 4

Why Kill Animals?


Why does anyone have to eat

Innocent animals, thought of as meat?

They play in fields all day

Yet we still have to come along and kill them.

People in the shops

Buying lamb chops,

Why don’t they realise

They were once alive like you and me?

New-born lambs die,

While their mothers can only sigh.

Butchers are cruel,

Selling meat to us selfish creatures.

Nobody can seem to see it,

As we kill animals bit by bit.

You take them to the slaughterhouses,

Where they seem to have fun killing them.

You go into the forest with your gun

And kill them by the tonne.

You blow them up

One after another, just for fun.

Why kill animals?

Drawing by Milly Jackson Aged 5

~ Nathaniel Clavell Bate (aged 11)   Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, Clitheroe.

~ Drawing by Milly Jackson, aged 5, of The Wirral.


Meat is Murder

Kill them, eat them,

Look at how you treat them,

Think about their feelings,

Where are yours?


Look into their eyes,

Look at all those pies.

Meat is murder.

Is murder right or wrong?


A new life of joy,

Whose life you destroy.

You take away their light.

Why can’t you eat Quorn?


If an animal is abused,

It’s against the law,

But if it is killed,

Nothing said at all!


Who says who should live or die?

Why cows, not you or I?

Both are mammals,

Both so alike,

Both have a brain,

Both have a life.

Cows would never eat a human,

They live happily off grass and water.

Humans have so much variety to eat,

Yet some wouldn’t think twice about choosing meat!


Meat is murder,

This is no lie.

Meat is your choice.

What do you decide?


~ India Bate (13)    Clitheroe Royal Grammar School.

~ Thanks to QCA member Barbara Warburton for sending us these poems.