On June 10, the European Parliament Commission of Petitions formally accepted  the Animal Party of Spain (PACMA)’s appeal  that the Toro de la Vega event should be investigated and ended.

PACMA welcomes this decision and hopes that the institutions of the EU will understand and confirm that this cruel futile activity is not compatible with Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union  – which defines animals as ‘sentient beings’.

PACMA has been working for 10 years to end this festival, working undercover to acquire the images which have gone round the world, denouncing the organisers in courts and international  bodies, and running a permanent campaign to keep the public aware of this instance of  abuse of animals in Spain.

Politicians from both the left and right have rejected PACMA’s proposals to get rid of this cruel festival. Whilst they turn a deaf ear to their appeals to good sense, the Animal Party will continue to join forces with the majority of society which is calling for the end of the Toro de la Vega festival.

Trans; Marian.

~ Quaker Concern for Animals sends our compliments and thanks to Silvia Barquero, President of PACMA, and Deborah Parris Littler, Girona region representative.

For much information on last year’s festival, which takes place in Tordesillas, Castilla y Leon, in September, please see:


Here is the English page of PACMA’s web site: