In the Portuguese general election on June 5, the Party for the Animals and Nature (PAN) gained 57.634 votes country-wide, approximately 1,04% of the total.

In Lisbon results were spectacular – 16.884 votes – only 5.000 more votes would be needed to achieve representation.

The main demands of the party are – a ban on festivals exploiting animals,  promotion of vegetarianism as a healthy and ethical diet, promulgation of legislation to protect animals and guarantee their rights.

They also contemplate many other social and economic measures aiming to achieve a more just, full and equal society for all.

The Portuguese, although mired in a deep economic crisis, have voted for an ethical option whose aim is to work to extend the circle of compassion to other animals.

In such difficult circumstances, each vote is even more valuable.

PACMA, the Animal Party of Spain, congratulates the Portuguese party on these results which prove that politics is a useful tool to promote the defence of animals and their rights.