We very much admire the pioneering work of Maneka Gandhi, who runs more than 20 animal hospitals in India. We received the following report from one to whom we are hoping to donate:


 People for Animals Ghaziabad chapter has been working in the city for injured sick, and homeless animals for the past six years.

People for Animals is run by Maneka Gandhi, one of India‘s leading figures in the animal movement.

Over one hundred injured or abandoned animals are currently living at the shelter. Every month, we have to struggle hard to arrange food, medicine, and the salaries of employees.

Over the past eight years, People for Animals has been working steadily for animals. Each month, we provide care for around thirty bulls, twenty-five cows, one hundred dogs, ten donkeys, and ten monkeys and rescue a number of wild animals including snakes, mongooses, monkeys, langars, pigeons and neelgaye – a kind of deer.

On one occasion, we also stopped a cattle train that was travelling to West Bengal from Kila Raipur Punjab. It was carrying 624 cattle inside, all on their way to be slaughtered. All the cows were rescued and sent to registered goshalas -cow shelters.

As well as all the regular creatures like the dogs, donkeys and others, there have been several unusual rescues: two lions and two bears from Great Golden Circus. Also rescued were fifteen neelgaye, three other deer, and one elephant. 125 rabbits and twenty-three sheep were rescued from Maulana Azad Medical College. Around 100 mice and rats were rescued from other testing laboratories.

From animal performers, 50 monkeys were rescued, and from snake charmers, many snakes and mongooses.

A case was filed against the jail superintendent of Ghaziabad, who was charged with killing 100 pigeons on the jail premises.

Hundreds of cruelty cases have been filed, both against pet owners and against people who persecute stray animals.

Great care is taken to prevent breeding at the shelter by separating the males and females of every species until they can be spayed or neutered.  We are also willing to start a comprehensive spay/neuter program, but the clinic does not yet have an adequate supply of electricity. The electricity that would be available is far too expensive. For the time being, we’re using a generator. For the water supply, we have a bore system.

At the moment, the Ghaziabad shelter is caring for over sixty dogs, 18 pigeons, fifteen rabbits, thirty-five cows, six donkeys, and one monkey, one neelgaye, one langar and two horses.




The photo below is of dogs rescued from a slaughter campaign in Meerut, where 45 animals have already been killed after a child was bitten. Ashima’s group is looking into why these dogs have become aggressive and the ABC (sterilisation programme) will be implemented there soon.