Police Cadet Training

Eileen Weintraub writes:

Several groups of young, Andhra Pradesh police cadets (3000 in all),

recently attended a humane education workshop run by VSPCA. The workshops covered a wide range of subjects, from India’s animal welfare laws to the need for aggressive dog and cat birth control and humane transport of animals. We were invited to give the workshops by the Police Superintendent, N. Sanjay of Anantapur. Many of the cadets had extremely thoughtful and empathetic questions and the workshops had a remarkable impact on them. They not only pledged to try their hardest to protect animals, many pledged to try and go vegetarian!

N. Sanjay writes: “I explained the importance of care and protection of animals and opined that those who take care of animals would also be affectionate and sympathetic towards fellow human beings. The VSPCA members enlightened us about animal rights and need for care and protection of animals through Power Point presentations, visuals and lectures and received appreciation from one and all.”

VSPCA hopes to train another 5000, to bring to a total of 8000 police cadets having their eyes opened to help animals.

Eileen continues:

Teachings against cruelty to animals go back thousands of years. Alas, humans are so slow to catch on! While stopping cruelty to animals will always be a focus for VSPCA, we are doing so much more: preventing cat and dog overpopulation, promoting species conservation, humane education – the list goes on. The Visakha Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals no longer captures our broad mandate. That’s why we’ve changed our name to The Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals.

We are, of course, still VSPCA and www.vspca.org.