A message from the Protect our Coral Sea organisation in Australia:


I’m Barry. I’m a Wrasse fish and I live in the Coral Sea.

As I’m one of the bigger fish around these parts and I’m pretty sociable they’ve made me the ambassador and spokes-fish for all of us living up here and – right now – we need a hand.

The Coral Sea is one of the last places left on Earth where big ocean fish still live in relative peace.

Elsewhere 90% of them have been killed. And that’s just in the last fifty years.

If we don’t do something soon there won’t be any left, and that’s going to be pretty tragic all around.

But the good news is that our Coral Sea is a million square kilometres of relatively unspoiled wilderness. Plus it’s miles away from land, and hardly anyone goes there. So it’s perfect to turn into the world’s largest marine park. And the other great thing is that it lies within Australian territory, so that means that we can do something about it.

Please help by sending a message to Environment Minister Tony Burke. You can help sway the government on this one – even if you don’t live in Australia.

Visit: www.protectourcoralsea.org.au