Animals Australia reports:

Live animal export is undoubtedly the cruellest trade in Australia.
Sending millions of animals to be killed in countries where they suffer brutal treatment, and where there are no laws to protect them, is indefensible.

Those who care about animals gathered on August 14 to join family-friendly events to rally for a kinder future free from live export.

More than 20,000 Australians took to the streets in every capital city yesterday calling for an end to an industry that has subjected 160 million animals to cruel deaths over the past 30 years.

Hobart in Tasmania  – 300 or so attended the rally. Andrew Wilkie was the standout speaker.

An Adelaide campaigner described it as the biggest turn out to any rally she had ever been involved in – it was estimated at well over 2000.

The Melbourne rally was particularly well attended. The Weekly Times put crowd numbers at approx 5000. Thanks to Christina Louise Dicker for

Why August 14?

Historic bills to end the cruel live export trade will be voted on in parliament on Thursday August 18 2011.

This was caring Australians’ opportunity to show public support for this important legislation.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie, Brightside Farm Sanctuary’s Emma Haswell, Tasmania RSPCA CEO Ben Sturges and Animals Australia investigator Lyn White (via recording) spoke at the Hobart, Tasmania rally, where our friend Suzanne Cass is based.

Adam Bandt MP writes:

The Australian Greens legislation to permanently ban live exports will be voted on in parliament on Thursday August 18 …

With my Greens colleagues in the Senate, I have condemned the Federal Government’s decision to resume the exports of live cattle to Indonesia.

As part of The Greens’ concern for the humane treatment of all animals, stunning must be a non-negotiable aspect of live trade. In reinstating live trade to Indonesia, the government has given no guarantee that animals must be stunned prior to slaughter. Anything short of stunning before slaughter is not acceptable.

… OIE guidelines do not require stunning before slaughter of cattle. The welfare standards which are acceptable to the Australian public and farmers cannot be guaranteed in overseas markets.

Working with my colleagues, I will persist with the Australian Greens legislation to permanently ban live exports. This legislation was read for a second time in the House of Representatives on Monday 4 July when I stated:

“A 2010 report commissioned by Australia‘s leading processors found that live cattle exports compete with and undermine Australia‘s domestic beef industry, leading to lost processing opportunities here. The domestic animal welfare standards here are anything but perfect, but they are an improvement on what will always be uncontrollable international standards. And so I call on the government, particularly those among its backbench members who have done good work in advancing the argument that an ethically viable live export industry is a fictional concept, to join the Greens’ longstanding call for the cessation of the live export industry. I implore members to act ethically and support the immediate cessation of live exports for slaughter, and I commend the bill to the House.”

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~  QCA have sent our best wishes once again to our Australian friends and written to the nine Labor MPs who are opposed to live exports. We have also written to the PM Julia Gillard, appealing for a conscience vote on the matter. Let us hold them in the light.