The Committee met on 10th October 2015 for our Autumn meeting.  Our Agenda began by covering activities by our Working Group, including Friends’ House Bookshop, which, positively, has various titles concerning animals and, also very positively, their cookery books are mainly vegetarian.

We discussed the future development of the QCA Newsletter and the role/tasks of the Editor.  The main theme of the Spring 2016 Newsletter will be Sea Lives.

We agreed that paper copies of the Newsletter will be sent to all Meetings, to help raise the QCA outreach profile.

We focused on the results of the Survey which was sent out to all members following the AGM in May, as an aid of reflection.

We had a general discussion on the way forward for QCA. Focus will be paid to the re-design of the website, to make it more “Quakerly”.  Our official website address is

We agreed to make donations to six animal charities, and an “affiliation” donation to Animal Interfaith Alliance.

The Committee agreed to invite Geoff Tansey from “Fair, Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems” as our AGM 2016 speaker.