CYD Santa María Association and Rescue Centre is a refuge in Málaga for abandoned and mistreated horses.

We work non-stop to defend the rights of animals, mainly equines. We do not receive any government grants and are completely independent from other associations – both public and private.

The CYD Santa María association and refuge are, above all, a non-profit making group which does not use animals – especially as many have been abandoned and /or mistreated – for any type of commercial activities.

What do we do?

The CYD Santa María Association concentrates its efforts in three basic areas of work.

a) Information is necessary so that everyone knows his or her rights and responsibilities. Many people do harm through ignorance. The association considers that it is very important to inform people through conferences, talks and other means of communication about the laws for animal protection.

b) Education is an essential instrument in the area of prevention. The association and rescue centre co-ordinate activities so that young people can meet the animals and see for themselves some of the consequences of mistreatment and abandonment.

c) The motto of the association is “One day it won’t be unusual to report bad treatment. Every day there are more and more people who realise that reporting mistreatment of animals to the authorities is the responsibility of all citizens and that this is something which must be done. No more “looking the other way” when a living creature is suffering.

The Rescue Centre.

The help offered by the CYD Santa María Rescue Centre is translated into saved lives, dignified deaths and, perhaps what is more important, in reducing pain to the absolute minimum.
The centre collects equines which have been mistreated, abandoned, involved in accidents, or which are dying. Thanks to the help of volunteers and the effort and dedication of the personnel of the centre, the horses are looked after twenty-four hours a day, in spite of the scarcity of resources.


A great advance has been achieved in that horses are now legally defined as ‘domestic single-hooved animals’ (i.e. non cloven-hooved) – and it was previously possible to mistreat and cause the death of them with impunity.

Many thanks to Virginia Solera Garcia and her sister for permission to print this news.